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Varmint of the Month: Woodpeckers

Posted 9/1/2020

Knock-Knock. Who's there? 

Woodpeckers. Such a beautiful little creature that can do a whole lot of destruction. That is why they are our pick for Varmint of the Month. First, the most important thing to know about woodpeckers is that they are protected. Not only State protected, but federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA). It is illegal for any person to take, possess or transport woodpeckers and/or the nests of woodpeckers. That becomes a big problem to the happy home owner that sees and hears the woodpeckers pecking at their home. Which brings us to our second important fact, their diet. Woodpeckers love insects and grubs and they will peck in places they think they will find their food source. The ideal place is of course trees, where they also get nutrients from nuts, fruits and sap. They will also consume beetles that burrow into the trees. Unfortunately, they will sometimes turn to a structure in search for food. Decorative, Styrofoam corbels on a home can attract the woodpeckers because they expand in the heat which sound like little insects to a woodpecker. They can also destroy wood structures very easily. Both the male and female will work together to make the hole larger until they have excavated a cavity to build a nest and lay their eggs. The eggs incubate for two weeks and then the young birds leave the nest about 25 – 30 days later. When this occurs, there is not much that can be done because of the MBTA until they vacate the nest. Those open holes are now prime real-estate for other varmints to make a nest, such as the European Starling Birds or even honeybees. The European Starling Birds are known for taking over the woodpeckers nest, and will even lay their eggs on top of the woodpecker’s eggs. These birds are a threat to the woodpeckers, and are considered a nuisance species. Recently, Pesky Varmints have helped communities and home owners with their woodpecker problems. Although it sounds like options are limited when it comes to woodpeckers, there are steps that can be taken and Pesky Varmints can help. Call us today for a free estimate! 


Flying away for now, 


Goldie Locks 

"Even the lonely woodpecker owes his success to the fact that he uses his head. "  

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