Varmint of the Month: Raccoon

Posted 6/1/2020

Raccoons - The Masked Bandit! 

Raccoons are very common throughout Florida, which is why they are our pick for Varmint of the Month. Raccoons can be found just about anywhere, they adapt well to their surroundings and will always find food. At first glance, they look cute and cuddly, but never approach a raccoon in the wild, after all, it is still a wild animal. Always keep a safe distance away, and never feed the wildlife. Yes, it is true that raccoons come out during the day. Although they are mostly nocturnal, there might be some activities they need to accomplish during the daytime. Seeing a raccoon during the daytime does not mean it has rabies. They might just have some chores they need to complete.

Raccoons are best known for the mask they wear! They can grow up to almost 40 inches, with the tail making up over half of the length. They can weigh up to 20 LBS depending on what they are feasting on. Raccoons are omnivores, which means they enjoy both meat and plants. In the wild, raccoons mainly eat upon insects and mice. They will also raid nests for a tasty egg snack. They are best at catching aquatic creatures, such as crawdads and frogs. Raccoons also enjoy nuts and berries from trees. They have actual fingers which allow them to open garbage cans for an easy food source causing a headache to the homeowner.

Raccoons are very intelligent creatures. They are known to be smarter than cats, and they use their fingers to open doors and locks. Their average life span in the wild is only 2-3 years, but can live up to 20 years in captivity. They are more likely to be hit by a car than eaten by a predator. Raccoons can give birth once a year to 3-4 young, but could have up to seven. Mother raccoons are very protective of their young, not even letting the father near them. Because raccoons adapt well to their surroundings, they can find a home just about anywhere they feel safe. This could also cause problems to the happy homeowner if the raccoon’s safe spot is in their attic. That’s where Pesky Varmints can help! We can inspect any home and attic and help resolve any raccoon issue. Don’t let the raccoons steal your sanity, call us today!

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