Varmint of the Month: Florida Deer

Posted 8/1/2020

We’re quite fawn’d of you, my deer

Although some people might not consider this beautiful animal “pesky”, they are still our pick for Varmint of the Month. Florida is home to both the White Tailed Deer and the Key Deer. What’s the difference? The Key Deer are found in… you guessed it… the Florida Keys. They are a subspecies of the White Tailed Deer but are much smaller, and have become the world’s most endangered animal. The biggest struggle for these petite animals is getting hit by vehicles. They are always roaming the area in the Keys, but there is not many places for them to go. Unlike other deer, the Key Deer are able to sustain saltwater in their diet, but still need fresh water to survive.

For the most part, deer are very quiet and majestic creatures. They spook easily, and can run up to 30 miles per hour. All deer are herbivores, living off of vegetation such as plants, fruits, nuts and even acorns. Seeing White Tailed Deer in your yard might not be that uncommon these days. Due to the area building up quickly, the deer are losing much of their natural habitat and have found themselves within the communities where we call home. The beautiful landscape surrounding a home could become the main food source for these creatures. This is where the “pesky” part comes into play. In our travels, we have found the White Tailed Deer have enjoyed the fresh leaves of Red Tye Plants, Crotons, and even those pretty annual flowers that were just installed. Although grass is not their first choice for an afternoon snack, they have still been known to chew on lush green sod. If you find yourself asking the Landscaper why your lawn looks a little rough, it could quiet possibly be deer (or rabbits) visiting your home when you’re not looking. We have all natural deterrents that will not harm the deer, but simply make them move back to the wild, or at least out of your backyard. Give Pesky Varmints a call today for a free estimate, we deer you!

Stay Wild,

Goldie Locks 

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