Varmint of the Month: Cane Toads

Posted 2/1/2021

A toad that will not become a prince... so don't kiss them. 

The invasive Cane Toad population appears to be booming in Southwest Florida, so they are the perfect pick for Varmint of the Month. A varmint of many names, including Bufo Toad, Giant Toad and Marine Toad. These toads are native to South America, but were brought to Florida in the 1930's and 1940's to help control beetles and insects in the sugar cane fields. Being a nonnative species to Florida, they have no known predators here, and the fact that they breed all year round is the perfect storm for the population to get out of control. These invasive toads prey on our natural wildlife, including our native toads and tree frogs. They also compete for the same food source, which also poses a threat to our native critters. The Cane Toads release a poison that is highly toxic to pets and native animals that can cause serious illness and even death. This poison can cause skin irritations if touched by a human. We recommend to stay away from these toads, and keep pets far away from them as well. Pesky Varmints has currently been working in communities that have an infestation of Cane toads, and have had great success in thinning the population out. Here are some tips to help control the population;

  • Remove any items on property that can hold standing water. This will eliminate areas for the adult toads to lay their eggs.
  • Keep all pet food stored safely inside the home. Cane toads are attracted to dog and cat food that is left outside.
  • Thin out any thick landscape and shrubs around the home. These areas provide warm, damp shelter for the toads to hide during the day.

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