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Posted 7/1/2019

Educating the communities and children of Southwest Florida on native and invasive wildlife.

Pesky Varmints has a number of exciting presentations on both native and invasive wildlife. Our ecosystem is very fragile and it is important to know about the critters that reside here. We offer a PowerPoint Presentation on a number of different topics to help the ‘humans’ understand the ‘critters’ a little bit better and help all of us co-exist together. These presentations are perfect for all ages offering a virtual tour of the Everglades or an interactive show on snakes! The list below will provide some more information on each topic. All presentations include pictures and videos taken from Catcher Dan and Lindsey during their adventures in the Everglades. 

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Living with Wildlife: Snakes – An educational show on the snakes that Southwest Florida has to offer. Identifying a venomous snake from a non-venomous snake is important and Pesky Varmints is here to help! This presentation also educates the community on the invasive snakes, such as the Burmese Python. (1 Hour) Recommended for communities with a large population of wildlife.

Cane Toad Overload – The invasive Cane toads are becoming a big problem in Southwest Florida and the population appears to be booming. These toads are harming our pets and wildlife and are a nuisance within our communities. This presentation will help to identify a Cane toad from a native toad or frog and will give helpful hints on what residents can do to help bring down the population. (1 Hour) Recommended for communities with a Cane toad population.

Virtual Tour of the Everglades – Take a walk on the wild side with this virtual tour of the Everglades, without even leaving the classroom. Pesky Varmints will take you into the heart of the Glades on the Pesky Varmints bus and then enjoy an air-boat ride through the River of Grass seeing a large variety of all the native wildlife that populates the swamp. Finish up the tour with the educational show on the invasive species that is harming our ecosystem. (1 – 2 Hours) Great for classrooms!

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